How to make your Instagram account stand out?

Instagram is now the most engaging social media platform out there. Don’t believe us? Consider this.

This image on Louis Vuitton’s official Facebook page garnered 652 likes, 1 share and 9 comments. In contrast, the same image on Louis Vuitton’s official Instagram account had 191k likes and 688 comments. This just goes to show that even big brands now know the power of Instagram in generating higher interest in discussion, as compared to other social media platforms.

Now these are big brands that have an army of social media professionals at their disposal. What can you do to make your Instagram account stand out? Here are some tips:

#1. Don’t ignore your profile

Your profile is your first impression – make the most of it. Pay attention to your profile image (Instagram is, after all, about images). Carefully pick out a profile picture that represents you. Secondly, work on creating a bio that stands out. An interesting bio tells people who you are and what you share. You can also place links to your site (if any) on your profile. Basically, put things in your profile that work to your advantage.

#2. Pick your best Pics

When it comes to choosing between a bad photo or no photo, pick no photo. Nobody wants to see a bad photo on what is essentially, a photo-sharing site. Put aesthetics first and think about how to make your photos look better. Remember – beautiful sells. Play around with some photo editing tools to turn your pics from “ow” to “wow”.

#3. Work on the overall image of your feed

People who visit your profile to see if they must follow you will look at your overall Instagram feed, rather than analyze images separately. If you post on a theme (say, travel), make sure you are consistent with the images you post on the feed. Stick to your niche and ensure your feed reflects the same.

#4. Use Hashtags appropriately

And we don’t mean everywhere! Hashtags are the only way to search on Instagram. So if you want to be found, you are going to have to use hashtags. Stick to hashtags that make sense for the images you’re sharing. You can also create fun hashtags and encourage others to use it to be featured on your page.

#5. Create a visual chain

Each time you post a new image on your Instagram, think about how it would look with your previous post and your third previous post. As you know, every new photo appears right next to the previous photo and right above the third one – so those are the ones that should match visually. This will ensure a balanced and consistent look of your Instagram feed.

#6. Post Consistently

Don’t we all get annoyed when we see just one person’s posts on our feed, even when we’re following around a 100 people? This usually happens when someone who’s irregular at posting and decides to upload several images at once. Avoid doing this and post regularly. By uploading photographs spread across the week, you can keep the interest level of your followers in an engaging line.

And finally (and most importantly), remember to have fun with your feed. Diversify with various type of content pertaining to your niche – it could be a sneak peek behind your latest travel trails, or anything that brings novelty to your Instagram feed. Just keep up the good work and post on!

About Divya Pandey
Divya is a conversion marketer and helps drive sales and conversions to e-commerce stores.