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You 2.0 – We all wanted to be something more than the desk jobs we have today – artists, painters, chefs, fashionistas, travelers and more. But we never had a chance. But now, with Social Media, we have the opportunity to live a second life, a Version 2.0. At #HydInsaMeet, we get together people with day jobs who are also Food, Travel, Fashion, Art and Fitness Instagrammers who through Instagram are living the life they wanted to. They have built up a following of people who have similar interests as them and have also found a way to make a living out of it. At #HydInstaMeet You 2.0, you get an opportunity to learn from them, ask them questions and discover how you can use Instagram to live the life you’ve always dreamt of. Come and be whoever you want to be. What is your You 2.0 going to be like? Coming this January! Stay tuned for more information on and [Credits] Photo 1: Photo 2: Photo 3: Photo 4:  

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