5 Ways to make your Insta stories awesome!

With over 200 million people using it every day, Instagram Stories are now more popular than Snapchat. To go one-up, Instagram constantly reinvents its Stories feature by releasing things like selfie stickers, a color wheel for drawing, and so much more!

Do you want to make the best of Instagram Stories?  With these tips and tricks, we’ve got you covered:

#1. Get Creative with Customizations

Catch the attention of your audience by using creative customizations on your stories. You can customize your Instagram stories by using three primary tools: stickers, doodles and text. Once you take a photo or video, use these tools to add elements of fun to your creations. Some customizations, like the stickers, are fun, lighthearted and give you plenty of opportunity to spice up your Stories.

#2. Play around with Recording Modes

Instagram Stories has several recording modes, such as: Live, Normal, Boomerang, and Hands-Free. Apart from taking pictures in Normal mode, you can also take a 15 seconds video. You can also take some amazing quick action shots using Boomerang. Use Hands-Free to record videos or do a live broadcast.

#3. Use your Camera Roll

Don’t wish to use the Instagram camera to click new pictures or videos? Just pick out any video or photo saved on your camera roll. However, know that if it isn’t portrait, it will be expanded to fit the vertical format of Instagram Stories. Go to your Instagram feed, Swipe to the right and you can access your camera roll to grab whatever you need. Use this feature to share any funny meme or video that you’ve saved to your phone.

#4. Mention other accounts in your Stories

Instagram is all about sharing creative content with others with similar interests. You can tag other accounts in your story and give a shout-out to your followers, collaborators or influencers in your community. You can tag up to 10 accounts in each of your Instagram Stories and make them feel a part of your Instagram feed.

 #5. Create a solid color background

On days when you don’t feel like posting a photo or video, the color-fill trick comes in handy. It helps to share a canvas with drawings and text, rather than photos. Try this to break the monotony of the regular uploads on your Instagram Stories.


Create your perfect story and tap My Story to share it with your followers when the entry is complete. There’s no way that your audience won’t enjoy a well-crafted story.

About Divya Pandey
Divya is a conversion marketer and helps drive sales and conversions to e-commerce stores.